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Lighthouse Keepers


From the early 1700’s to 1987, many shoreline lighthouses were lived in by their respective “Keepers.” Also called wickies, these dedicated workers began their day before sun up and well past dawn. Their day tended to be routine performing daily tasks such as replenishing fuel, cutting wicks, winding clocks, making repairs, maintaining the grounds. But at times, Keepers acted as first responders providing aid to shipwrecks and were prepared to deal with the unexpected.


These lighthouse Keepers needed to be vigilant with their duties as lives depended on it.  “Constant and faithful attention to their duties shall be required of all persons in the service, and no employees shall be absent from his station or duty without authority” states Instructions To Employees of the United States Lighthouse Service in its 1927 edition. Lights were ignited punctually at sunset and kept lit at full intensity until the sun came up the next morning.


Keepers also kept a detailed logbook recording operations, weather conditions, tides, ship traffic, and other notable details of their day. Further, keepers performed the accounting for the lighthouse logging all expenses accrued from maintaining the property.


Your Estate Manager is your Keeper!


As you now know, the wickie was vital to the operations of the lighthouse. Hiring Keeper Estate Management to maintain your South Florida property leaves you feeling at ease that there is always someone keeping “constant and faithful” attention to your home. We are always there for you to weather the storm if any issues arise. Much like a lighthouse keeper, we know that estate management is anything but a 9-5 job and we are committed to being there for our clients whenever they are in need.


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