Keeper launches sister company, Palm Beach Teak


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Maintaining your teak furniture

Keeper Estate Management unveils sister company, Palm Beach Teak.

The teak tree is native to India, Indonesia, and Thailand and is one of the most durable woods found in nature. It’s high oil content and tensile strength make it particularly resistant to harsh exterior forces such as extreme humidity, heat, and salt. For these reasons, many of our Palm Beach clients have teak furniture on their back patios and surrounding their pool.

Teak furniture, although highly durable, needs continuous maintenance and care. Over time, the wood will dry out and the outermost layer will become oxidized from the salt air transforming your once rich brown furniture to a pale gray. This initial drying out process on new furniture can cause cracks to form and cause the wood to split. But with proper care, teak furniture can last a lifetime.

Keeper Estate Management has launched a sister company, Palm Beach Teak, to fulfill the needs of our clients. Palm Beach Teak uses a multi-step cleaning process to remove oxidation along with grit and grime. We then treat the furniture with marine grade teak sealer. These specific sealers when applied correctly will prevent damage along with the buildup of mildew that is common to Palm Beach County. Palm Beach Teak also offers a variety of different tinted sealers to tailor to our clients’ preferences.

Lastly, Palm Beach Teak offers a maintenance program to their repeat clients at a discounted rate. We recommend a light maintenance every 6 months as opposed to waiting for the wood to be severely damaged and having to treat the wood with a harsher cleaner and heavy sanding process. By taking a proactive approach, your valuable furniture will always look its best.

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