Step 1:


One of our highly trained estate managers will visit your home and create a customized “walk-thru” checklist that encompasses your outdoor and indoor living space. This checklist will be completed on a weekly basis to catch issues as soon as they arise and to take a proactive approach. We will inspect things like functionality of appliances, air conditioning units, audio/visual equipment, cleaning service, landscaping, pool, tennis courts, and much more.

Step 2:


After a complete and thorough walk-thru, your estate manager will log in to our task management software and create new “tasks” for any issues that they found. The tasks will be assigned a priority, a due date, and have a photo attached so you can visualize the issue even when you are hundreds of miles away.

Step 3:


Our estate managers will contact the top vendors in the area to handle any and all repairs or maintenance issues and will be on site to oversee all work.

Serving Palm Beach and the greater South Florida area